Life Better Together is the reflections of a young couple and their exciting travels and adventures locally and abroad. We share our lives and experiences being married, building our home together and of course all of our adventures.


We are Maha & Bilal from Toronto, Ontario.

Maha’s love for travel started from a young age, she would travel with her family a lot to interesting destinations, ┬áthis passion grew as she got older and continued to travel with friends. She loves to find what makes each country and city unique, finding the best beaches and trying all the local foods,┬áto date Maha has explored 24 different countries.

Bilal has always had a passion for being active locally, finding adventure and exploring the outdoors. He likes to experience places in a more authentic way by interacting with the locals, trying unique foods and exploring things off the beaten path. He hasn’t traveled as extensively as his other half but is excited to begin to see the world with someone who can show him all she has seen and make new memories together.

Her passion for travel and his passion for adventure together make them the perfect companions.

Together we believe our lives are truly better.