How To Explore Prince Edward County In 3 Days

For the long weekend we booked a cottage get away with a group of our friends in Prince Edward County, a nearby small town known for coastline in Lake Ontario, the Provincial Park, the sandy beaches and wineries.


We booked a stunning waterfront cottage, which was on 37 acres in Prince Edward County. This cottage has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large kitchen, two living rooms, a solarium (perfect place to curl up with a book), large rear patio, outdoor fire pit, a pool and offered a variety of water activities.

We found this lovely cottage through

Things To Do

Since it was the middle of May it was still a little chilly, we weren’t able to enjoy the pool and lake to its fullest. We did however enjoy the large property and played games like frisbee and had a lot of our meals on the back deck.

Within Prince Edward County there are a number of fun activities. Our cottage was a 5 minute drive from Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Sandbanks Provincial Park is famous for its beaches and swimming and has three natural sand beaches. Because of the heavy rainfalls this year, two of the three beaches were closed but luckily we got to explore Dunes Beach. This beach was also slightly flooded, which meant we had to walk through some swampy waters to get to the Dunes but we took it as a challenge and trekked our way through which added to the adventure.

The sandy dunes were beautiful and hilly, we hiked around the Dunes, took in some sun, relaxed for a bit and enjoyed some quality time with our friends.

Another great activity to do in Prince Edward County is wine tasting. We spent an afternoon doing winery tours, and went to 5 different wineries. These wineries were all within a 5 minute drive of each other, the ones we checked out were, Closson Chase Vineyards Inc, Norman Hardie Vineyard and Winery, The Old Third Vineyard, The Grange and By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard. In terms of wine, our favorite was Norman Hardie. However in terms of rustic charm we definitely enjoyed the Grange the most. Each winery was so unique with different rustic looks to them and delicious wines. Make sure to try the pizza at Norman Hardie’s, after a long afternoon of wine tasting you can’t go wrong with some delicious wood-fired thin crust pizza (The pizza recipes are from some of the Top restaurants in Toronto like Pizzeria Libretto and Terroni).

We made reservations for brunch at the famous Drake Devonshire, a cozy Canadian restaurant overlooking the lake with big wooden tables and a urban inspired looks to each room. We tried the Chicken n Waffles and the pancakes and were very pleased with our choices. Also we recommend the shrimp benedict. The food was spectacular and the atmosphere was great, we would highly recommend this restaurant.

Our 3 day get away to Prince Edward County was the perfect long weekend getaway!

Thanks for reading!

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