Our Experience with Kuku Campers

Our time in Iceland is something we will never forget. This trip was something out of a dream and felt like a different planet from the landscapes, sights, names, weather and people. Everything we experienced was so different from any trip we’ve ever done, and we LOVED it.

When you decide to explore a place like Iceland, where most of the ruggedly beautiful experiences are far from any urban cities or luxury hotels, you need to be self reliant and live on the road.

The only way to truly see Iceland is by camper van. Campers are cheaper than staying in hotels, they are efficiently made to store everything you need for exploring and living on the road. They are surprisingly comfortable, easy to drive, and most importantly allow you to explore at your own free will without having to backtrack to your hotel / accommodations. 

There are a number of companies that you can rent campers from in Iceland, but after doing our research we decided to book with Kuku Campers.

Our experience with Kuku Campers was phenomenal! The brand and culture itself really spoke to our personality, sense of humor, fun and lighthearted attitudes, and more importantly our passion for exploring.

The Camper

Our camper van could accommodate 2 people or a 3rd extremely close friend. The front had a bench style seat, while the back had a flat and comfortable bed. The mattress lifted up to expose deep cabinets for storage. There was more storage accessible from the side and rear doors, the camper was surprisingly spacious as it held all our luggage, groceries, cooking equipment, dishes, hiking boots and camera equipment. Kuku stocks all its campers with a propane cooktop, dishes and utensils to cook and eat with, all essential to our trip. The rear bed was approximately the size of a double, and our camper came with a very useful heater for cold and rainy Icelandic nights. The heater was on a separate battery, charges when driving, it also came in handy to help dry wet clothes from our hikes and the sporadic rain falls. Kuku has a lot of additional things you can rent from them such as, sleeping bags, pillows, tables, chairs, Wi-Fi routers, etc. We strongly recommend renting some of the additional items to make your trip more comfortable!

Camper Practicality and Convenience

As described in our Iceland blog post when you first arrive in Reykjavik you have limited options to get into the main city, however Kuku offers a pick up and drop off service for a fee. While the fee might seem high, it’s actually very reasonable when considering the cost of bus ride for 2 into the main city, this also gives you the advantage of starting your trip immediately.

The primary reason to get the camper is to cover as much ground or have as many experiences as you can, then sleep where you’d like. On our trip we had the luxury of exploring for as long as we’d like and then winding down for the night close to our destinations for the next morning. Campsites can be easily found that offer hot showers and sinks for dishes, otherwise you’re free to cook when you get hungry and comfortably nap anywhere when you get sleepy with a camper. Instead of feeling cramped we felt the camper was surprisingly spacious. More importantly we were empowered with our KuKu camper, to see the country and determine our own schedule as we saw fit, never worrying about driving home in the dark.

Camper Romance

There is something romantic and intimate about staying in a Kuku camper; living and driving in close quarters grew our bond stronger. We found there was a lot of care given to the other person sharing your camper. From cooking each other dinners as the sun sets, to navigating the roads for together, snuggling with the doors and windows open to let in the fresh Icelandic breeze, to waking up together and opening the small curtains to find yourselves at the base of a waterfall.

Where to Take Your Camper

Where can’t you take your camper? With the exceptions of a few roads described when renting, the Island is yours to concur. Take your Kuku to through the streets of downtown Reykjavik, The Golden Circle, and to the South Coasts black sand beaches. For a thorough breakdown of all over favourite sites and the most efficient way to seem them check out our Iceland blog post.

Depending on your rental, the bulk of campers can only stay on paved highways, and in Iceland most things are directly off a paved highway.

Why KuKu

Kuku makes Camper Vans Cool! Between the funny one-liners painted on the side of your van to the easy drive and freedom of exploring. To the easy booking process, open communication with staff, and the give and take shelf in the office, We found everything about Kuku Campers  great!

We’re Coo Coo for Kuku.